NC Botanical Secret Revealed


Each little “pup” is ready to plant.

Who knew that Appalachian State University (ASU) has some amazing greenhouses and conservatory tucked away a couple of miles from campus, behind a commercial area in Bonne, NC.

I had the opportunity to tour this wonderful ASU facility and see plants from, literally, every country in the world. There were so many unusual and amazing varieties.  We had a crash course in plant adaptation and got up close and personal with plants that mimic rocks, house ant farms, emit unpleasant odors, and produce mini-me offspring all by themselves. We had botany and world geography lessons rolled into one.


They have two plant sales a year (usually May and September) and also offer some public classes; volunteers are needed and welcome. 


Can you find the plant?

For more information contact Greenhouse Manager Jerry Meyer at


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  1. Karen, Great article! Why don’t you send it to Jerry Meyer – I know he’d love to see it. SB



  2. What is the name of this plant at the top of the article?


    • Hello,
      The plant that creates fully rooted ‘babies’ on the leaf edges is called Mother of Thousands, once in the genus Kalanchoe, now it’s a Bryophyllum.


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