Adios Miami.  Hasta la próxima vez.


The Royal Poinciana trees are starting to bloom their brilliant red flowers and that’s our signal it is time to head north.

This year, we are taking a rather circuitous route to get back to North Carolina.

It all began when my husband and I decided there were still a number of places we wanted to see in the U.S.  Towns that were too remote, sites visited in childhood, city stays dominated by business agendas . . . many, many roads not traveled.

Naturally, there is no pattern to our selections, it looks like a messy toddler marked up a map of the lower 48.   So we decided we’d better start driving.  While I have described to curious friends some of the spots we will visit, I realized there is one clear description – we are about to embark on a trip through Tornado Alley. If you watch the news, you will realize this is not the best time of year to be doing this.

First stop, Tampa.

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