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On a trip to Miami’s Jungle Island today I did get to practice some shots of beautiful parrots along with other types of birds and wildlife.  The experience as a destination, however, was a big disappointment.  I would only suggest if for children under 5. Signage and directional maps could be improved and we did not find the property well-maintained.  Getting into the cafeteria was complex (we had to leave and re-enter) and the food selection was the typical fare of burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders and pizza.  The Wild Encounter show was about 12 minutes long and that included a pitch for a $59 photo with a baby white tiger. Even though they pitched it under the auspices of saving endangered species, it still rankled. Worst of all was the big cats in small enclosures (so sad), I expected better . . .

Small children would enjoy the petting opportunities and close-ups with the birds and smaller animals.  If you live in South Florida, a season’s pass is the way to go, otherwise it is very expensive for a limited experience.  We have such fond memories of their earlier Parrot Jungle, originally in Pinecrest (and now the site of Pinecrest Gardens).  It pains me to write this because I know they have struggled and some of their breeding programs are very worthwhile.  I would like to see them improve and survive.

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  1. Ursula Kasprzyk

    I absolutely agree. Plus too much cement

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