Corsica: France’s Mediterranean Island

On Cap Corse.

On Cap Corse.

The Ligurian Sea.

The Ligurian Sea.

The Old Port of Bastia was a quaint starting point for our trip to Cap Corse, the “finger” peninsula of this French Island.

This is a mountainous island with peaks reaching more than 8,000’. Cap Corse offered a glimpse into the past, since this is the last remaining place where agriculture and fishing thrive (although very little fishing these days). Known for their wine, cork and chestnuts, the colorful, lush landscape is untamed and the coastal roads not for the faint-of-heart.  If I wasn’t holding my breath during the hairpin turns, I was surprised by random bulls roaming in the narrow road.  We visited several charming villages, such as Erbalunga, Nonza and Pino, and took advantage of a few scenic photo opportunities along the way.  While under the 500-year Genoese rule, a series of almost 200 watch towers were built around the island; 90 still survive and make a striking visual impact.

Fortunately, we had a beautiful, calm, sunny day with temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s.  Apparently, much of the year Corsica can be windy with rougher waves hitting the shores.  Ciao from the Azamara Journey.

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  1. How beautiful! What a wonderful trip! Safe travels. XXOO, Bette


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