Tarpon Anyone?

Only in the Florida Keys . . .

The first time I heard about hand feeding Tarpon I was with a Nat Geo crew helping film some crocs in my South Florida neighborhood. Today I found the quaint feeding spot quite by accident.

We were looking for a good lunch stop in the middle Keys and decided to try the Hungry Tarpon. Don’t be put off by the shabby-chic exterior appearance, this is vintage Keys.

They have a great outdoor dining area on the water, but since the weather was a bit chilly for me, we opted to dine inside the small restaurant. The grilled Mahi sandwich and conch fritters were both good.

Outside the restaurant there is a festive variety of colorful, touristy booths selling everything from souvenirs to sunglasses. Next to the outdoor dining and bar is Robbie’s – just the spot if you want to hand feed some Tarpon.

As a girl growing up in the Tarpon capital of Florida (Tampa) this was a new concept and not for me (I remember the aforementioned Nat Geo reporter ending up with a bloody hand).

Today’s human guests seemed quite cheerful hanging over the edge of the deck with their buckets of fish . . . . . although I think the local pelicans were getting the best bargain in town.


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